Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, the house is all about comfort, as it is wrapped in a cosy blanket of natural insulation.  In the winter as the sun rises over the horizon, the large windows welcome in those rays providing free heating.  The tiled floor absorbs the warmth in the daytime and radiates it back in the evening.  On a cloudy day, a wood pellet boiler will automatically switch on to heat the living room.

Wood pellet boiler or 'poel'

Wood pellet boiler or ‘poel’

A heat exchange ventilation system brings fresh warm air to all the rooms in the house and extracts from the bathrooms and the kitchen.

Heat exchange system

Heat exchange system

The breathable walls mean that humidity and condensation won’t build up, ensuring a healthy fresh interior.  In the summer, along with the insulation, the shutters can be closed to keep the sun’s heat out and the tiled floor feels cool underfoot.  So when it gets really hot outside, you can just chill out inside, literally!

Part of the wall insulation

Part of the wall insulation

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