La Maison Bois was designed by one of its owners, Tom Kyle.  Tom has been an architect since 2004 and has worked in London since then.  Having a sustainable architecture background be was keen to put this learning in to practice and this definitely led the thought process of the design.  More information about this can be read on our build blog Les Petites Garennes.   The design was based on a ‘barn’ style volume.  It was a simpler form that originally thought but it allowed for a large double height volume in the living area, with opportunities for a mezzanine space.


Being an architect myself, the biggest challenge is to not get too carried away with ideas!  The house is located on the northern side of the site nestled behind a row of chestnut trees. It is simple rectangular barn like shape aligned to the slope and taking advantage of the beautiful southern aspect.  As it…

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It’s simple but full of lots of interesting views down the length of the house and secret spaces that delight.  It is entered from the north via the driveway. We wanted a bit of wow factor, so when you enter the open plan living area to the west you are greeted by a light and…

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The house is in a natural environment and we wanted its materials to be natural.  Wooden materials have been chosen as much as possible both to minimise their impact on the environment, and to ensure a healthy internal environment. The walls and roof use a construction method promoted by the Natural Building Technology Centre which…

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Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, the house is all about comfort, as it is wrapped in a cosy blanket of natural insulation.  In the winter as the sun rises over the horizon, the large windows welcome in those rays providing free heating.  The tiled floor absorbs the warmth in the daytime…

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